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  1. Install our SDK into your project

  2. Import LiveSession SDK

import ls from "@livesession/sdk";
  1. We recommend 2 ways to integrate SDK with your app:
  • Init script in file where you're rendering a whole application:
import ls from "@livesession/sdk";
ReactDOM.render(<App />, document.getElementById("root"));
  • You can also use lifecycle method componentDidMount in your main Layout component. That means you'll be able to enable script on every page.
import ls from "@livesession/sdk";
class Layout extends Component {
render() {
return (
// your layout
export default Layout;

If you have React 16.8 or higher - try with useEffect hook

import ls from "@livesession/sdk";
const Layout = () => {
useEffect(() => {
return (
// your layout
export default Layout;


  1. Import SDK into your main app component

  2. Import OnInit from @angular/core

  3. Implement OnInit and call LiveSession init method in ngOnInit function

// app.component.ts
import ls from '@livesession/sdk'
export class AppComponent implemets OnInit {


LiveSession provides a gatsby plugin to integrate script

  1. Install gatsby-plugin-livesession

  2. Go to gatsby-config.js

  3. Configure a plugin like in following example:

plugins: [
resolve: `@livesession/gatsby-plugin-livesession`,
options: {
trackID: YOUR_LIVESESSION_TRACKID, // Required, string
keystrokes: true || false, // Optional, default to false
rootHostname: "", // Optional

Read more about an options you can provide here

Plugin adds code to your site only in production mode.


In general LiveSession support that technology, but you must be sure that resources on your app are available publicly on the Internet.

If you use local server for some reasons you'll need to pass baseURL option like the following:

__ls("newPageView", {
baseURL: ""

For example if you set up your local server with hostname:'frontend', androidScheme:'capacitor-app' and href to css in your app is /static/style.css the following style resource must be available at assuming you set baseURL to


Electron doesn't natively support cookies, so LiveSession JavaScript web tracking code won't work because internally we use client-side cookies. We're currently working on a of the electron-cookies package to support tracking.

In the future we'll switch to another browser storage instead of cookies and Electron should works out of the box.

So, to use LiveSession in Electron apps you should:

  1. Install electron-cookies package

  2. Configure a like in following example:

import ElectronCookies from '@livesession/electron-cookies';
// enable
origin: ''
}); // or ElectronCookies.enable() for default
// disable

The browser cookies needs to know the current URL, but in Electron files are usually served from local filesystem which is not compatibile with cookies. Treat origin as a special key for cookies store within all data is saved.

Read more about a package here